Train Day!

June 2, 2014
30 km
Wow! The trains here are fast! Even faster than our Frankfurt taxi driver. Frankfurt to Paris in 3 hours and 50 minutes,  with stops. On the down side Frankfurt Main and Paris East train stations didn’t have luggage carts… we were exhausted.
Bike assembly went flawlessly in Angers, with no damage to the bikes from the flights. We rode around lost in Angers for a while until we found the right direction, then rode around lost in the right direction for a while. Chris needs to learn not to follow me.
We’re camped in a nice little campsite in a little town called St Mathurin Sur Loire. There’s a tourist information center here, and we should be able to buy the Eurovelo 6 maps we want there.
Nobody here speaks English,  but I guess thats the best way for us to learn French. A guy with a mobile wood fired oven made an excellent pizza, we can never resist that smell.
Are we ever going to sleep well tonight!

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