Lost in France

June 3, 2014
Km 83- 53km today
French bakeries are fantastic! For breakfast on the road today I had 2 Pain au Chocolat. I think I’ll have them every day. Health conscious Chris who swore she wouldn’t eat anything bad on this trip had a pastry with strawberries and whipped cream. She didn’t stop making noises the whole time. We definitely burned it off today.
It turned out the first tourist office didn’t have the maps we needed, so we had to get them in the larger office in Samur, not before we had misinterpreted a sign and end up doubling back for a bit. Following the little signs sucks, and Eurovello 6 sometimes takes you on some wild detours. Today it went up over a hill for about 5 km just to avoid about 2 km of flat road that didn’t have a bike lane. Now with the map we can choose whether to use the trail or not.
Food has been a bit difficult to find in the small towns. We need to get a emergency food supply for days like today. We may need to live on Cliff Bars at times.
Very cool Troglodyte caves  and houses built into the cliffs here.
Chris is have some trouble with her shoulder from too much lifting in the train stations. She wasn’t supposed to do any lifting, but if I didn’t keep a eye on her…
We are camped in Montsoreau in a very busy campground. The wine is in the refrigerator provided,  and it’s pasta night!

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