Sun is Glorious

June 4, 2014
Km 136- 53 km today
We slept to rain and woke to rain. It is a real pain in the rain 😉
The best thing about rain is that the sun is so welcomed. The warmth is energizing. The beauty surrounding us was changing every ten minutes. We used a large tree for cover, as well as a perfectly timed bus stop at the end of a churches drive way. The rain was intermittent all day.
Paris fraises and pain au chocolate are becoming our favorite things to eat in the morning.  We have fruit first thing; then we hunt down a Boulangerie (bakery).
Pastry in B.C. does not even rate. Chocolate is a new experience too! Maybe it just tastes better on a holiday. It is better! The weather system has brought some really high tail winds for the day. At times we were riding 30km an hour with out even trying.  (We planed it that way 🙂 Most people start from Germany and head to France as far as the ocean. Our lessons about weather systems through our love of windsurfing and sailing have taught us that the cooler ocean and warmer inland draw wind inland. Today I felt sorry for the faces going by beating into the wind. Happy for us riding with the wind. It was awesome.
The architecture here is the most amazing I have ever seen. Even when your not looking things appear that you cannot resist stopping.
The French people are very welcoming. Our communication is not so good, but getting better very quickly. Rob has no fear of trying. The French do appreciate it.

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