Km 334- 48km today
A other hot and humid day today, at times it feels like we are riding in a sauna.  Tuesday the weather is supposed to cool a bit, which will be very nice. Tomorrow we are going to try for an early start to beat the heat.
We treated ourselves to a hotel room in Orleans so we could secure our bikes and walk around the city. Not much excitement here except for the Cathedral St. Croix which is amazing! After the time we’ve been spending in small towns, city life is a bit of culture shock, and the people here don’t have much time for two travelers who speak very little French.
We missed the Jeanne D’Arc video presentation,  and there isn’t another one until Tuesday.  I don’t think we missed much.
Food is almost impossible to get in a restaurant on Sunday before 7:00 pm, or perhaps any day I’m not sure. The French eat very late! We settled for a burger and fries with a pitcher of Heineken for dinner.
Cathedral St. Croix, those are full sized people in the picture!

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