French Crepes

465km today was 75km
We slept last night to thunder and lightening. After going through high winds, hail, thunder and lightning during the day I was a little freaked out. I thought about putting my helmet on while in the tent it was getting so pelted. When Rob told me they where the size of golf balls  I  was glad I couldn’t see out of the tent.
Today was a different day entirely.  We road 75km today into a different climate zone.  There where pine trees.  The grass was browner and the clouds where normal instead of massive storm clouds. The temperature and moisture went from 36 degrees yesterday to 25 today. Moisture was 90% to 65% today. It was amazing how beautiful it was today.
We have found a very nice camp ground and plan on staying for a day of rest  tomorrow after 9 days straight of cycling. All of the moisture that we have been in for the last week was finally dried out in the heat of the sun this afternoon. All of our belonging where all put out to dry. It looked kind of shanty but it was well worth it. 
We went into town around 5pm to have dinner and a beer. Crepes was the theme, we could not leave France without at least experiencing  famous crepes.  It was worth waiting until 7pm for the Creperie to open. Crepe for appetizers, dinner and desert. They where all better than we could have imagined.  I don’t know how these people here are so small. I am going home bigger than when I arrived.  The food is so good.

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