Rest day in Cosne Cours sur Loire

We are in a nice, clean, almost empty campsite. The weather is dry, with a nice breeze. Today was a day off from cycling, alternating between just lazing around the campsite, and wandering the narrow streets of town, trying almost successfully to avoid the delicious pastries in the bulangerie.
We had hoped to find some firmer saddles, but the only store in town that sold bikes had a very small selection of wide body seats. Bike stores along the Eurovelo 6 are conspicuous in there absence. I’m not even sure we could buy an inner tube for our bikes along at lot of the trail if we needed one. Hopefully something will come up down the road.
Dinner was a delicious steak cooked over charcoal this time, not boiled on the Trangia stove. The downside is now we have a half bag of charcoal to carry with us until the next time we find the opportunity to use it.

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