Dole to Osselle

Km 585- 46 km today
We left the hotel after breakfast to find the bike shop that carries Brooks saddles. I used  my phone to direct us to the shop, and when we sighted the shop I put the phone away. When we left shop, I looked in the handlebar bar… no phone. After a search of the area, it was obvious the phone was gone. Panic time. Fortunately Telus was able to quickly lock the phone, and we avoided a big bill.
With that sorted out, and nothing more to be done about the phone, we bought a ticket and boarded the train to Dole.
The riding here is very flat, mostly following the canal tow paths. The weather is still very hot, and the riding can be a bit of a challenge.
Our campsite for the night is a bit rustic, but it is on a lake that is clean enough to swim in. What a treat after a day of hot cycling.

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