Km 658- 73km today
Besancon is an amazing old fortress city. The city is almost completely surrounded by the bend in the River Doubs, with walls rising from the river. Behind the city is the citadel with wall above the shear cliffs. The city is very clean, with lots of pedestrian only areas, and cafes everywhere. It was a nice place to spend a couple of hours wandering the streets with our bikes.
The Eurovelo 6 follows the canal under the hill the citadel is on. Very cool.
More flat riding today, but we had our first head wind of the trip. It made the ride feel quite a bit longer than it was.
We met my nephew Chris in Baume le Dames. He’s come over from England to ride with us for a few days. Hopefully he’ll be able to slow down to our pace, it doesn’t take much to be an excuse for us to stop. Oh look, a bar!

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