Biking up wind!

Km 721- 63 hard earned km today

For the second day in a row we peddled into head winds. It gets draining after a while, and I think we are ready for a rest day soon. Otherwise the weather has been beautiful, with temperatures in the mid 20s under mostly clear blue skies. Hopefully when we turn the corner at Mulhouse the riding will get easier.

Chris T sets a furious pace, and we are content to let him ride out front where he is happy to break wind for us (in a good way). Even in the slip steam it is hard work.

The ride today included a 2 km steep uphill climb that seemed to go on forever! Don’t look up, just keep pedaling, be in the moment… oh damn I looked up again. But, what goes up must come down, so it’s all good, clocking over 40 kph without pedaling while burning through quite a bit of brake pad. Then it’s back on the river again for long stretches of near perfectly flat riding, with an almost imperceptible, gradual altitude gain. Without the head wind it would be heavenly.

Since there isn’t a campground near the path for miles, we are back in a hotel room again in Montbeliard. In the bar we are learning to say 1664 beer, something about a says swan-cat (after a few), but the hotel staff are good natured, and the beer shows up anyway.

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