Turning the corner

Km 831- 49 km today
After leaving Mulhouse, we made our turn onto Eurovelo 15 to head north up the France/Germany border towards Frankfurt. Once again the wind was on our nose, but the first 30km was easy since we were riding on a trail through dense forest. When the forest gave way to farmland again, we were subjected to the full force of the wind, and our pace slowed considerably.
Exhausted by the time we reached Neuf-Brisach, we decided to call it a day, and checked into the nearby campsite. Chris T rode back downwind to Mulhouse to retrieve his car. It would be nice to ride with no panniers 😉
Neuf-brisach is a very cool fortified town with a complicated series of large trenches that takes up more area than the town itself! We all went out for dinner in town for the Alsace specialty Tart Flambee, similar to a pizza but better, with a thin flaky crust cooked to a crisp.

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