Down Hill!

Km 916- 85 km today
This morning we said goodbye to our nephew Chris as he headed out to catch the ferry back to England. It’s been good fun having him along for the few days, but next time we’re going to weigh him down a bit more. I think he should be able to handle 50 kgs no problem.
For the most part the ride was easy today, with trail following the Canal du Rhone au Rhin in a nearly straight line, with a very gentle downward grade. The trees along the canal protected us from the wind, and we made good time. The 5 km we did as a short cut on the road was fully exposed and very grueling.
We rode a little farther than we planned today, with our planned destination Erstein. When we arrived at the municipal campsite it wasn’t very impressive, and the attendant was rude, so we decided to push on. It’s so fortunate that she was one the very people we’ve met in France with a bad attitude.
We rode through Strasbourg rush hour bicycle/pedestrian traffic to cross the Rhine River into Germany. It’s so strange to cross a bridge and the language completely changed. We were starting to get used to French.
We have to go back into Strasbourg tomorrow to find a bicycle shop were we can buy a new rear tire for Chris. It has started to develop a bulge, and could likely blow at any time.

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