Caring people :)

Km 987 – 71km today
Our departure from Kehl was at 9:30 AM.  We had to head back to Strasbourg to get a  rear tire for my bike. There was a 3″ delamination which felt like a cherry pip to start with and ended up being a huge bulge. We went to three different bike shops and on the fourth the owner brought us back to the second one that we had no success at. He is a bike manufacturer and knew that the other shop had what we needed because he had just seen the tire the day before. He even asked two times before he got what we were looking for. It was amazing that he took the time to help us out. Rob had my tire on and we were off again.
Strasbourg has the most intricate church we have seen so far. You could see the steeple from a few blocks away.  It was amazing from a distance. Before we left we picked up our baguette for lunch from the same place we had our morning coffee. It was the good service that brought us back. It was about 12:30 pm before we hit the trail again. This part of our journey has not be as interesting as previous.  The Eurovelo has us going through all these cement plants. I hit a bit of sand at the side of the road and could not get my self out. I fell on my left side; lost the knew skin I was growing back on my elbow. It was around five when we reached the campsite Plage Du Salmengrund in Seltz. It felt like a very long way when there are no interesting towns to look at.
The camping is scarce, as well as on the pathetic side. The amenities are poor. The maps shows that there is not much ahead for camping. That makes me sad.
A couple of different people at the camp site heard Rob and I talking about what we should do for the last week of what has been an amazing cycling journey. A South African lady with a map and the German man with all of his knowledge of the Eurovelo.  The confidence is back as well as the excitement.  Thank you to all of the caring people in this world.

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