Change of plans :)

Km 1074- 14 km today
Now for something completely different. After input from various sources we decided to make a change. Today we took the trains, all 4 of them, from Speyer to Bonn. Well, not exactly. We bought tickets to Cologne, but after talking to a woman on the train we opted to get off in Bonn.

Ok, so we’ve only gone 14 km, but this seems way nicer riding. No more riding behind a dike, we have a full view of the river, with all the barges and cruise ships,  and there seems to be a castle on every hill top. Did I mention the cruise ships? You can almost walk across the river on them, this is big business here!

The bike paths in Bonn were crazy busy, and with our wide loads it was a bit dicey at times.

We were hungry when we got off the train, so we ate at the McDs in the station before we set out. Then we had to ride past all the bistros lining the bike path on the river… doh!

We now sitting in a nice campsite on the outskirts of Bonn, drinking a Muhlen Kolsch beer. Hopefully we can find more of these along the way… the beer and the campsites.

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