Fun Riding With The Wind

Km 1135- 61 km today.
There’s are a lot of weekend tourists in this part of Germany. It is our first experience of this area on a weekend. We have had to change our riding pattern a little. Lots of novice riders that are very young. I love how many families are enjoying there time together.
Rob and I had fun this morning with lots of stops along the way to Koblenz. One of the small towns had a Sunday market which had lots of art work, fruit vendors, and food every where. Rob has been craving sausage and eggs for breakfast for weeks. The quest goes on. We gave up looking in France, but we were told that it can be found here. Somewhere!?
The Rhine has many cruise ships, ferryboats that can take you just across the to the other side of the Rhine.
The camp site here is fantastic. It is very new, comes with toilet paper, soap to wash your hand. Best yet is that the showers are free and very clean.
Tomorrow we are going into town the see the sites. It looks like it could be exciting.

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