Taking Our Time

Km 1176- 41km today
It has been fun just poking our noses in the  little towns. Having a pastry or a petite beer in the afternoon. It does feel weird to pace our selves so we don’t ride to fare each day. We don’t want to end up to close to Frankfurt before Friday. It has taken the past few weeks to build some good power muscles in my legs. Rob always has power.  I will miss this each day.
Hey Chris T. I traded in 2 seats for one in Speyer. The perfect Brooks! The first day on it was 61 km and no numb toes at all. Today was the same. I hardly have to move around. Just sit.
The Rhine Gorge is really beautiful.  The castle’s on the hillside are magnificent.  It is easy to imagine the historic events that have taken place here in the 15th century or earlier.  Now everyone works together using the Rhine to transport goods. The tourism industry is mind boggling huge. We have been talking to Dutch, British,  Australian, Italian,  German and French. It has been amazing. No boarders.
Cheers to three more riding days.  I hope they will be filled with the same but different things to see and do.

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