The Last Of The Rhine Gorge

Km 1213- 37km today.
Last night I’m not sure if we were in a seniors resort, or a regular campsite. I’m sure they all thought of us as the kids on the bikes.
We were camped across a previously treacherous section of the river from the Loreley Rock where the maiden used to lure sailors to there doom. I believe it was the trains that make her so grumpy, with tracks in both sides of the river and the canyon extremely narrow, the sound reverberated in the valley. It was nearly a steady stream of trains all night interspersed with periods of silence so complete you could hear the fast flowing river.
More beautiful riding through the Rhine Gorge today, though a lot of it was on a 2 lane bike path next to the highway. There were some pretty little towns along the way, but you had to leave the trail to even know they were there. There were still many castles on the hills.
Tonight we are staying in the tourist town of Rudesheim. At least 3 cruise ships were tied up on the river, and perhaps a dozen busses. The campsite here wins the prize for the nicest facilities yet. The best was to describe the bathrooms is spacious, with plastic plants and background music. We’ve never seen anything like it outside of a fancy hotel. All I cared was that there are no train tracks near here.

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