Near the end of the trail :(

Km 1248- 35km today
We are spending the night in a campsite across the Rhine from the city of Mainz. The walk is about 2 1/2 km to the main tourist area, or about 1/2 km swim directly across the river. It’s a nice view of the city as the sun goes down,  sitting here sipping my Bitburger at the campsite bar. How are we going to adjust to our regular life when we get back home?
More casual riding along the east bank of the Rhine today, passing through some nice little towns At times we stepped it up a bit, our bodies have begun to crave the level of activity we sustained over the last 3 1/2 weeks. It will be difficult to fit this into our busy schedule when our trip ends.
The campsite almost directly under the approach to Frankfurt Airport, about 25 km out. We can sit and watch an endless procession of different aircraft heading to and from the airport. In two days time that will be us.
The rides have been to short the last couple of days. We actually toyed with riding further then turning around and coming back. When we walked into town our shins got soar after 5-7 km. We have not been walking enough. It is quite funny!
We have learnt a lot about about cycle touring . I recommend it to anyone capable. The experience has been rich, with the beauty of this part of the world. The people have been more than amazing. My favorite has been the older parts of France in the beginning of our ride. The older generation of people in France are my favorite too!
Last week  I saw your twin Helen. Two days later a gentleman with the same caring eyes as yours dad. He talked with us for quite a while. He left and then returned with two oranges, two funny looking peaches jesturing that our muscles needed them. Off he went saying good journey to us. I miss my family. It will be so nice to see everyone soon.:)

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