Back to Frankfurt

Km 1307- 59km today

We rode up the river Main to a hotel near the airport today. We had thought perhaps we would just ride to the airport from Mainz on Friday morning, since it was only about 25 km as the crow flies. We’re so glad we left today, it turned out to be a longer ride than we thought it would be. Once we left the river near the airport,  there is a network of bicycle trails, and it became very easy to get turned around. When we were setup in a hotel we did a dry run to the airport without our bags, again not so easy. Frankfurt Airport is a big place, with no direction signage for bicycles. We now know exactly where to go in the morning.

This little hotel that we are staying at is really cute. Purple and green. Really funky. There is a restaurant here too, which the food is very good. It will be nice to only have about a 25 to 30 minute ride to the airport. Let’s hope there are no flats along the way. Our bikes need a good cleaning when we get home. They have done us well.

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