August Gale Quatsino Sound

Ending July 31 with a gale that lasted into the wee hours of the morning. The boat sounded like it was being ripped apart, but in the morning it was as it should be.

This is our fourth day waiting for an opening to get around Brooks Peninsula.

Our time here has been spent walking the board walk in Winter Habour. Talking with locals, and wives of fishermen that spend a couple of months each season here catching lots of fish, big fish! There is a small store with lots of fishing tackle, and more fishing tackle, eggs, milk and ice cream.

Each day we have experienced new ways of entertaining our selves. The weather changes every 15 minutes. Coat on coat off. Hay we can wear shorts some times. Dear fly catching. Rob’s real good at it. Myself I haven’t caught one but have tried a ton of times. My favourite so fare is taking picture’s. Black bear on the beach, sighting lots of sea otters enjoying their meals on there tummies. They are alway happy, and having fun. Listening to eagles. Our sailing here is almost non existent. When you get some wind it is coming at you in very direction sometime all at the same time. Today we had a 90 degree turn that scared us both. Rob doesn’t scare easily. Me, my average is scared. Scared of whales. We saw so many by Cape Scott I got over it. Fog, got use to it. Nothing new for me. Out by the light house the waves are a meters or more and like to crest nocking the boat around. Hang on!

Today we spent the day checking out three different anchorages. It was like a nine to five job. We came back to the trusted North Harbour for what we hope will be a good sleep? It’s blowing SE. I sure hope we get a NW down wind sail tomorrow, or even no wind. Throw in some rain, and calm seas. I’ll take it if it get us around Brooks Peninsula.

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