West Coast of Vancouver Island in 30 Day’s

Our goal was to sail around the West Coast of Vancouver Island, but our sailing time amounted to less than 10 hours.

We both have learnt a lot about boat life, and the psychology of boat life, and how to cope with provisioning, plus disposing of garbage when places to stop are far and few between. Weather watching became a our entertainment; constant.

The last evening was spent in Dodger Channel before heading to the Juan De Fuca Straight. There was very little ocean swell. What a treat! The sunset was beautiful, which we shared with only one little fishing boat. We were up at 5am, on our way at first light. All of our planning for just the right wind, and current conditions left us motoring almost all the way to Sooke. It didn’t surprise us. We were busy dodging whales, and missing good pictures of whales tales. (Sorry I didn’t any pictures Amanda) kept us busy.

Sooke was a great place to provision, and sit still for a couple of days.


We stayed at Ship Point for three days. The hustle and bustle was constant. It took the first two days to get use to the constant sound of cute little water taxi’s, whale tours, seagulls, and city noises. So much of our travels further north was getting use to how silent it was. This was complete opposite. The weather was hot. Loved it. Our bikes came out of their bags. Cycling in Victoria is awesome. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face the whole time. The bike paths have street lights. Love it! We took advantage of using our Keg gift certificates that Ralph our realtor gave us while in Victoria. The last morning we had coffee out with Elizabeth. It was a nice stay.

The end! We made it to Sidney Spit August 19th making it the 30th day of our motoring around Vancouver Island 😉

Thanks for following, and your comments about enjoying our pictures we posted here, and on Facebook!

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