Port Angeles

The adventure begins! We left Sidney Spit at 7:30 for the the five and a half hour trip to Port Angeles. Despite covid19 restrictions we are able to clear in as a vessel in transit to Mexico, and now with cruising permit in hand we’re able to work our way down the coast at our own pace.

Very nervous about what the reception would be like in The States, especially when the coast guard helicopter made a couple of passes over us. Everything went smoothly for us, as well as for Ken and Anne on Naida who arrived about an hour after us.

Provisioning done, we’re now ready for the dreaded 50 mile leg from Port Angeles to Neah Bay. Fingers crossed for smooth water.

Cruising permit to transit to Mexico!!

5 responses to “Port Angeles”

  1. Glad that you are off to a good start. Are you traveling to Neah Bay with your friends?


  2. Nice to hear and have an update on your adventure. Hope sailing has been smooth for you and waters have not been to rough. Look forward to your next post.


  3. Look forward to following your adventure! Back from our kayak trip to the Broken Islands. Great weather and so much fun. Lots of wildlife but no whale sightings. Now for more company!


  4. rjoe1949gmailcomJoe Avatar

    So glad we met while you were tied up in Port Angeles. I’ll be following your progress.
    – Joe S.


  5. Glad to have met you both at port Angeles.
    Please let me know pf I can help as your ground crew.


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