Greys Harbour

On the 9th of September Azura Kai and crew (myself and Rob) departed Port Angeles along with our buddy boat Naida , Ken Buckley and Anne Trudel. Heading for Greys Harbour.

Our journey was a bit of shake, rattle and roll ( Rob’s description) mine; banging and crashing! The cool part was the light up show of phosphorus sea around Azura Kai. Even wave crests were a glow. Amazing site.

Greys Harbour has the largest fish and crab industry we have ever seen. Processing plants on every corner. Clean! The sea lion were the stinkiest.

Departing the bar was a bit of a wild ride. Two meter or more waves to get across the bar felt like an eternity to get back to the sea.

We have been sailing for many years in Canada and USA. Anchored every night. It never taught us what we needed to know about 24/7 sailing. Totally different style of sailing. Our team work needs to change from working together to working independently so we can get enough rest and sleep.

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