San Francisco

We sailed under the almost invisible Golden Gate Bridge September 20th after a night of fog and dodging fishing boats. The sound of the fog horns under the bridge was deafening and stirred many emotions, but it was exciting to reach the of the first and likely most difficult leg of our journey.

We’ve been having a few much needed rest days anchored in the aquatic park. Mostly just taking it easy, doing laundy, and eating world famous food.

The passage down was much more difficult than we expected, and it’s been nice to build up our energy reserves again.

Chris walking down Lombard Street (where she wasn’t supposed to be)

Today we did the ultimate in touristy and rode the cable car to downtown and back. Food fun, and at least a frightening as a roller coaster.

Looking forward to moving on to warmer climates. Lots of fog and wind here. We’re hoping for a weather window to take us the Santa Cruz in the next couple of days.

One response to “San Francisco”

  1. Thanks for the update, pictures, plus fog horn blasts.
    You’re so close to the two yacht clubs featured in: The Billionaire and the Mechanic.
    Santa Cruz … cool town and several iconic rock formations at the beaches.
    Thanks again and stay safe.
    Joe S.


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