Monterey CA

September 30th 2021

We have only just begun to explore. Our slip is booked until October 7th so we can spend sometime checking out the aquarium as well as the historic Monterey .

October 3rd 2021 Rob and I road towards Carmel CA. Nice couple of hours on a hard Brompton seats. Stunning!

4 responses to “Monterey CA”

  1. Glad you’re enjoying Monterey. Not sure where you’re headed next, but just wanted to make sure you’re aware of the oil spill south of Los Angeles, currently from Long Beach to Laguna Beach. Hard to tell how far off shore it is spreading. Would be a real mess to clean off if you went through it.


    1. Yes, we have been watching and what a horrible mess. Very sad! We will have to go around. Possibly missing parts of the coast that we looked forward to?
      We are watching what weather is coming for Monday. Hope that if we leave here to go to Morro there will be in good protection from the wind.


  2. Amazing photos, don’t forget to include some selfies.


    1. Thanks Audrey! We’ll work on the selfie’s for you.


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