Santa Cruz

September 26th 2021

The wind was up as we turned to sail into the Bay. We had our eyes on Tantalus as she made the turn ahead of us. We thought she was going have a knockdown but no. Arthur and Sheila were extremely fast at getting the sails down. Amazing to watch.

Our eyes weren’t on how big the rollers were heading into the bay. With a quick turn we headed a bit further out so we could put away our sails in a more controlled fashion.

Santa Cruz

The amusement park was in full swing when we arrived. Latino dancing ( COVID dancing) was all the rage until sunset. People covered the sidewalks.

The anchorage was quite rolly our first night. Rob can sleep through pretty much anything but not I. The next three nights the swell was supposed rise to 2-4 feet so we decided to head into Santa Cruz Small Craft Marina and get some good sleep. Very happy we did as we met some very interesting local sailors with good knowledge of what’s ahead of us. As well as seeing the area with a different eye.

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