Stillwater Cove, San Simeon, Morro Bay CA

Morro Bay CA
Point Piedra Blancas

October 6th 2021 we departed at 14:45 from Monterey. Beating into the wind to start then had following wind and seas for the rest of the way to Stillwater Cove CA. Arrived in time pick up a mooring, (kelp everywhere around us) for the night. Tantalus was only 25 minutes behind us. We didn’t know or even see them behind us. Kato move Arthur ,Sheila and Shogi. They grabbed a mourning ball just before dark. Headed to shore to give Shogi a pee break as well stretch his four legs. The beach waves were unkind giving them all a salt water bath:(.

SV Tantalus – Arthur, Sheila & Shogi
Stillwater Cove CA
First sighting of Morro Rock

Morro is a small tourist town. Lots of shops that have nick nacks, clothing etc. It seems to have a big attraction for visitors who like to shop, and eat. Good hiking and beautiful sandy beach walks.

The Morro yacht club is inviting. Great facilities as well as helpful club members. A mourning ball is the only way to go with the strong reverse currents at $20.00 a night. Worth every penny! At first we anchored with Tantalus just behind us. Our boats were skating all over the bay. Very disturbing!

Hibiscus on my bucket list. Bright and cheerful.
Bathing sea otters
Sunset October 10th 2021

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