San Luis Obispo, Cape Conception, San Miguel and Santa Rosa Island CA

San Luis Obispo was a great stop before heading around Point Conception. Good restful sleep. The warmth of the sun was appreciated. My feet are warm!! The beach was full of people playing in the surf. Rob and I attempted to look at how to approach the beach with the dingy. Breaking wave, na not ready yet. We motored over to the pier and climbed the high ladder instead. Intimidating, but very do able.

Departure time was 5:20 am Friday October 15 2021 from San Luis Obispo. Heading around the Cape Conception was done on extremely calm conditions. So lucky! We didn’t care that we had to motor. It was safe. Good current gave us the opportunity to make it to San Miguel Island: Channel Islands. The settled weather gave us all day Saturday to enjoy the scenery of unique sandy beaches.

San Miguel Island: we beached the dingy no problem. It was four attempts, very wet attempts to get off the beach. Bailing water out of the dingy a few times.
San Miguel Island
Sunrise at Santa Rosa Island

Meraki and Chirpy heading to Cojo anchorage
Succulents San Miguel Island
Using our Seabrake drogue made in Australia as a flopper stopper. There is constant rocking and rolling while at anchorage.
An anchor riding sail is to minimize the boat from swinging back and forth at anchorage. Thank you Anne and Dick from Full & Bye!
Santa Rosa Island which we spent the day in 25-30 knots of wind for approximately 15 hours. There is no using the pier, beach access was to not possible because of the waves.
Santa Rosa Island

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