Up before dawn again to motor from San Diego across the border to Ensenada with no wind. Apprehensive about the change to the unfamiliar, we set off down the channel to the open ocean again.

Arriving at Cruise Port Village that afternoon, Ken from Naida was ready with fresh made margaritas. What a treat, and just what we needed to ease us into Mexico! We had arrived on a Sunday, so everything is closed in the port. Formalities would have to wait until tomorrow.

Mexico has taken red tape to a whole new level! After our health check, and checking into the marina, the government paperwork begins.

Fortunately Cruise Port takes care of everything, included with your moorage. Ensenada is the best place to clear into Mexico, since all the government agencies are in one place, not spread across town like some other ports.

First we need our FMM 180 day tourist visa at one window. Then at the Port Captain we need to first clear into the port, then since we were leaving the next day to join Naida and Vortice for the trip down the Baja, we immediately cleared out. Our agent only called us to the window when we needed to sign or pay for something.

That’s about all we saw of Ensenada. Chris went to Costco with Anne and Lori, and the only time I left the marina was to go the bank for pesos.

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