Whoo Hoo we made it! We’ve turned the big corner, we’ve survived!

That was a long way, and we’ve faced a lot of fears. That what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? Well at least it should, or maybe is just a macho guy thing. Bluewater cruising has been a life long dream for me, but it’s an arduous undertaking, and it is definitely not for everyone.

Chris has decided that it’s been too much, and she won’t be crossing the Pacific with me. With Covid, most of the South Pacific nations are still closed to cruisers, so it looks like a puddle jump this year is out of the question in any case. Our current plan is to keep Azura Kai in Mexico for two seasons, then in 2023 I can sail our boat to French Polynesia with crew, and she can fly out and meet us.

Cabo San Lucus. Tourist central. Two cruise ships today, apparently this is the average. The water is warm, the tacos are good, and this is an interesting experience after the isolation of the past weeks. We have cellular coverage! You don’t realize how important something can be until you don’t have it.

I’m sitting in the cockpit in my swim shorts waiting for jet ski time to be over so I can go for a swim. I’ve never seen so many jet skis, and they seem to be piloted be people who have never been on a watercraft in there lives! They pass the boat at high speed so close I can almost reach out and slap them up the side of the head. Fortunately they are regulated to the hours of 10:00 am to 5:00 pm so the rest of have some time to enjoy the water.

We were able to have our laundry done today. Yes that’s right, had it done. One of the best things in Mexico. You drop off a bunch of dirty stinky sailor clothes that have been festering for a few weeks, and pick them up in a few hours folded and nice. All for a price that is cheaper than using a laundromat back home!

Did I hear someone say tequila over the loud speaker? Gotta go!

2 responses to “Cabo!”

  1. Yippee! You’ve made it to Cabo! When we were there as tourists we thought it was crazy busy! Just around the corner into the Sea of Cortes is lots of very interesting places! Can’t wait to hear more!


  2. All I can say is Wow, I think about you guys all the time, out there on the waters. As you said Rob, sailing is not for everyone, I could never do what you and Chris have done. Yes in some ways what doesn’t kill you does make you stronger. but sailing on the treacherous waters, that’s not always your friend, you both are very courageous and love a good adventure. You will have many memories to share with everyone.


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