Happy New Year to everyone far, and near!

We are still in LaPaz. It has been a great break from the constant moving. We started exploring here with Barb and Derrick from StrayCat. I think Julieta’s and Romeo’s ice cream shop was the most visited. Chocolate cherry ice cream was the winner as the favourite. Almost a daily occurrence. Rob found his ice cream match with Barb. Mesquite Grill was another highlight. Watching Derrick sneak a little piece of tender château brion for Rob to try was very humorous. Good by pescatarian diet. I think we all put a little weight that week. Thanks for hanging out with us Barb and Derrick.

Walking off the ice cream;)

This was also a great place to see familiar faces again. Tantalus with Arthur, Sheila and Shogi were a lovely site. So good to spend time together again. We wish you happy sailing! See you again.

I had flew back to BC to see family for a week just before Christmas. Christmas chicken ( thanks Ray), mashed potatoes, veggies, cranberry sauce, and gravy was a highlight at Kurtis and Christa’s home. Amanda and I had a sleepover in the living with Muon and Nova. Very special spending time with our kids!

Rob wasn’t there. This is our family picture before we set off on Azura Kai September 2021.
Thank you Alice for letting me stay with you! Taking me to see dad. The twinkle in his eyes when he realized I was standing in front of his made me cry. Joy!

Seeing all of my aunts, and uncles brought me closer to feeling my mom again. Thank you for your words, and support!

Cheers to the love of my life. Cheers to new adventures!

3 responses to “Happy New Year to everyone far, and near!”

  1. Happy New Year Rob and Chris. Thanks for sharing your memories with us!


  2. Wishing you a wonderful New Year!!! We enjoy travelling along here at home!! Stay safe. Keep posting!! What an incredible journey.
    Here’s to 2022!! Love Norm and Sue
    “Katrina Mist”❤️🍾


  3. As all my posts, amazing photos. Sounds like you are meeting some great people and having some down time to have some fun. Nice to hear you flew back to spend some time with your kids. I am sure your kids were happy to have mom home. Safe Sailing Guys, Happy New Year to you both. Oh and Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream, I’m in. ; )


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