La Ventana

We had a wonderful tour of La Ventana with our hosts Cori, and Lori from SV/Vortice yesterday. It was a wonderful day seeing a different land scapes during our drive from La Paz to La Ventana which was approximately an hours drive.

Prolific little cactus. It breaks off in small pieces which roots it’s self and starts another cactus.
Cori and Lori’s 2 acres in La Ventana Mexico
We had a Pacifica beer on the roof top watching the local activities. This has been a want to see since the late eighties for Rob and I.

4 responses to “La Ventana”

  1. Awgh what I would give to be on a nice beach like that. Warmth.; ) Enjoy! Always look forward to your photos
    Refresh my memory, what is your final destination?


    1. I will keep you posted:)


  2. Hello! Lovely pics and hope you have more adventures. My sister-in-law Nell gave me your info and it reminds me of the first year my ex-partner and I travelled with all it’s challenges. We sailed the US east coast from N. Carolina to Florida and onto Cuba, eventually ending up in Guatamala for our first hurricane season. Our first of five years is noted on the blog, and I miss the lifestyle, not the scary weather, etc. I was going to offer to crew with you but you may have changed plans?


    1. Thanks for following! Nell and Bob have talked about your adventures many times in the past. Yes there are challenges and amazing rewards as well.

      We’ll keep you posted,


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