Fort Nelson to Watson Lake

Fort Nelson

Triple G Hideaway is the place to be apparently. We stayed two nights here, and saw two waves of RVs sweep through. We arrived to a busy campsite, with RVs pouring in. The next morning it emptied out almost completely, only to have the process repeated that afternoon.

Triple G Hideaway.

The museum next door was an interesting stop. They have an amazing collection of old cars and artifacts.

After two days we headed off to cross the Rockies. Wanting to keep our load light, we didn’t fill our water tank. This would turn out to be a mistake.

The drive through The Rockies is pretty spectacular, but the road is a bit of a challenge. With all the gravel sections, all the RVs were extremely dirty at our next stop.

Muncho Lake

What a beautiful spot. We managed to get one of the last sites right on the lake at Strawberry Flats, and the view from our campsite was spectacular!

The view from our campsite.
No fish today

Liard River Hot Springs

Just a short drive today along the Alaska Highway to the famous hot springs. The campsite is completely surrounded by an electric fence to keep people and animals apart. A small herd of bison was grazing just outside the park gate, but we forgot our phones and camera. The same thing happened with a moose when we were on the boardwalk to the hot springs. We ran back to our trailer to get our phones, but by the time we got back she was too far away for a decent shot.

A crowded hot spring.
Hanging gardens

We had planned to stay 3 days, but the park had a boil water advisory, and our water tank was nearly empty. After 2 days we reluctantly left for Watson Lake. Lesson learned.

Watson Lake

Just a quick overnight stop for diesel and provisions. Downtown RV Park is another parking lot style campground, but we have full hookups. That means a shower!

Watson Lake is home to the Signpost Forest. Chris has been busy designing our contribution.

Signpost forest

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