Tombstone Mountain Park

In my heart forever, Tombstone is an amazing place. Boreal forest, and Tundra to perfection. It is somewhere that I can look back on years later in my life, and be wowed. Thanks Donna Wurm for saying it’s a must do if your heading to Dawson City “ you must go to Tombstone”. Foraging forest foods which I have never done other than the odd clover when I was younger, way younger. The group hike with our guide Tommy to Mount Monolith view point on the Grizzly Lake trail is the highest I think I have ever hiked. My legs were shaking by the time I reach the view point. I wasn’t sure if I would make it back to the bottom of the trail. Some extra food, and a good break worked to get my legs moving. There were spots of snow on the ground which didn’t seem real because it was so warm. Beautiful flowers everywhere.

Tombstone Mountain Park Campsite
Lunch stop at the top.
Rob blending with the rocks.
Yummy Bluebells

2 responses to “Tombstone Mountain Park”

  1. Stunning photos! Thanks for sharing. Happy travels!


  2. Looks like a very enjoyable hike. Pictures are gorgeous. Very peaceful being out in nature.


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