Back in Whitehorse

The drive from Anchorage to Whitehorse took us over some of the roughest roads we’ve experienced so far. The Tok connector, and the Alaska Highway between Tok and Kluane Lake were a test of an RVs strength, and we were lucky if we could do 70 km an hour on the good sections.

We made it through unscathed, but not everyone did. Our neighbors at the Discovery Yukon RV Park were getting ready to go, and they noticed their 5th wheel was sagging on one side. Half of one of the trailer’s springs was missing. Further along, the second trailer we’ve seen with a broken frame at the intersection of the hitch and the main body of the trailer was parked beside the  road.

Out there your miles from any help, and it’s an expensive tow for a broken frame.  You’re mostly on your own, and your best solution is to drop the trailer where it sits and drive to Whitehorse for parts if it’s possible to repair the damage.

You begin to feel like you’re running a marathon where only the fittest survives! Upon arrival at the RV park South of Whitehorse I was under the trailer checking all the bolts and springs of our suspension. All good!

On the way back we had interesting stops at The Musk Ox Farm, and the Grizzly Lake mosquito farm.

Not so friendly musk ox.
Old three legged granny.
Yearling with budding horns.
Miles Canyon suspension bridge near Whitehorse.

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