Au Revoir Paris

  • Total 135km
  • Today 78km
  • Paris to Melun
  • Sunny and clear

We had a bit of a late start this morning. We spent last night on BC time, wide awake when we should have been sleeping.

It feels good to be out in the country, though EuroVelo 3 isn’t fully developed yet. One section of the trail was closed, and we had to push our bikes up a steep hill to go around the section. A piece of the trail was a muddy single track, very tricky on a loaded touring bike. We’re looking forward to meeting up with EuroVelo 6, which is much better developed.

We had our first experience with a French level crossing today. I had crossed the tracks first, then as Chris started to cross, sirens went off and she barely made it across before the arms came down. Not even a train she says, then woosh, it’s there and then gone.

It was a long day. Our “touring fitness” hasn’t kicked in yet.

Lunch on the Seine

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