Nearing the end of EuroVelo 3

  • Total 277km
  • Today 51km
  • Montargis to Ouzouer sur Trezee
  • Mostly sunny high 21c
A market on a back street.
Boulangerie! That means sandwiches.

Beautiful country riding with just a few small towns. Perfect timing to get lunch at a boulangerie.

Beautiful scenery on back country roads.

We mixed it up a bit today, mostly riding beside canals, but also a bit of back country roads through fields of wheat. It’s a bit more challenging, as this introduced a few more hills. Not a big problem, since we had the wind at our backs all day.

Life on the canals.

More locks today as we gain a bit of altitude. Still flat on the tow paths, with just a quick hill to climb when we get to a lock.

Going up.

We’re staying in a municipal camp ground tonight. Clean, with everything we need. Cost 5.80 euro.

2 responses to “Nearing the end of EuroVelo 3”

  1. Savourez bien les baguettes! We too are looking forward to baguettes in French Polynesia. 8 more days to go 🙂
    The ride looks amazing. And nice that you’re mixing it up with tow paths and back country roads. I suppose your gear load doesn’t get much lighter with distance, correct?


    1. No, it only seems to get heavier. Way to go you guys, landfall will be a huge milestone!


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