La Charite sur Loire

  • Total 360km
  • Today 39km
  • Cosne Cours sur Loire to La Charite sur Loire
  • Mostly cloudy high 23c

Cyclists don’t have any cool analogies like the cruiser’s “plans are written in the sand at low tide”, but this morning the weather didn’t seem so ominous, so we decided to pack up and move on.

Another easy ride to La Charite sur Loire. The EuroVelo will sometimes take you on a side trip from the flat riding if there’s something interesting up a hill. Today it took us up to Eglise Saint Julien in Bannay. The monks of Saint-Martin de Tours rebuilt the current choir of the church in the second half of the 15th century.

Eglise Saint Julien

In front of the church was what appeared to be a monument to the children of Bannay that died during the first and second world wars in the service of France. I’m curious what that service could have been.

Monument to the children.

We pushed our bikes around Charite sur Loire while we waited for the campground office to open. The Eglise Notre Dame is amazing. We just poked our heads in a bit, but we’ve decided to stay an extra day to explore the priory and the town ramparts.

Eglise Notre Dame
Bottom left corner.
Doing our laundry at the campground.
Dinner on the Ile du Faubourg de Loire.

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