Finally Moving Again

  • Total 404km
  • Today 44km
  • La Charite sur Loire to Never
  • Sunny, high 19c

We ended up spending three days in La Charite. We had an arrangement to have a nurse remove a suture from Chris. She had some suspicious spots removed in Ladysmith, and I was supposed to remove the sutures. Easy peasy, I’ve done it before, but one was being difficult. We were given the nurses address, but when we got there we were told he no longer worked out of that address, and we were given his new address. Off we went to the new address only to be told no, he works from down the street. When we arrived down the street we were told yes, he works out of there, but his walk in clinic was from 12:30 to 1:00, two hours ago.

I decided that I should be able to get the last suture if I had a needle to lift it. We stopped at the sewing store to pick up some needles and then back the tent. Everything is set up again and sterilized, and with a lift and a snip it was out.

I have been fighting a cold (covid test negative twice) and it was at it’s crescendo at that point, so I wasn’t really in any condition to ride anyway.

The ride to Nevers was uneventful, with kilometer after kilometer of dike riding past farms. Very picturesque.

We cut through town on the way to the campsite so Chris could pick up two new tires. No english spoken, but Chris just wheeled her bike in to show what she wanted. He disappeared into the back room and came back with one of exactly what she wanted. Perfect, do you have two? Oui.

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