Rural France

  • Total 460km
  • Today 56km
  • Nevers to Charrin
  • Sunny, scattered clouds, high 22c

It’s amazing how much rural area there is in France. Our German neighbors in Camping de Nevers had told us that there is no shopping on our next leg, so we made sure to buy breakfast and lunch before we left Nevers.

Today we rode through almost nothing but farm land. We were able to get an espresso in a paper cup at a campsite on a canal. Espresso never tasted better.

It looks like we’re eating freeze dried dinner tonight. Charrin has one restaurant and one small grocery store and they’re both closed. I’ll be more careful in the future.

Temporarily back on the Loire.
View the other way
The velo campsite in Charrin.
Automatic cleaning toilet at the campsite.

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