About Us

Hi, we’re Rob & Chris, two ordinary people trying to step out of our ordinary lives and into an interesting retirement. Hopefully filled with adventure and discovery.

We’ve both spent our live playing around and in the water. Rob started sailing at the age of 7 when his brother and father built a Sabot dinghy. We started windsurfing in 1986, the year we were married. This was Chris’ first introduction to sail power. It became an addiction.

In 2008 we started club racing our International 470, where we learned a lot about the finer details of sailing. Ready to do some cruising, we joined the sailing cooperative LMYC where we cut our teeth on big boat cruising. In 2010 we bought Topolino, a Sceptre 36, and cruised her until 2013.

Between boats, we had an adventure. In June 2014 we spent a month bicycle touring in France and Germany. It was glorious! We began counting the years until we’d be able to adventure travel non stop.

In the late Summer of 2014 we stopped in Des Moines, WA on our way back from a windsurfing trip to The Gorge to have a peek at a Passport 40 that was for sale. The boat was run down, and in need of every kind of repair from the bottom of the keel to the tip of the mast, but it was a Passport 40, our dream boat. We spent much of our free time while still working for 5 years preparing her for extended cruising, and she was once again beautiful and ready for anything.