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  • Back in Whitehorse

    Back in Whitehorse

    The drive from Anchorage to Whitehorse took us over some of the roughest roads we’ve experienced so far. The Tok connector, and the Alaska Highway between Tok and Kluane Lake were a test of an RVs strength, and we were lucky if we could do 70 km an hour on the good sections. We made… Continue reading

  • Where There’s Fire There’s Smoke!

    Where There’s Fire There’s Smoke!

    Fairbanks has been in a haze, and at times a bit hard to breathe due to the forest fires burning in Alaska. The fire hazard is already extreme here. A lightning storm that came through a week ago has caused a chain of fires. It’s time to go south to get out of the worst… Continue reading

  • The High Road to Fairbanks

    The High Road to Fairbanks

    After Tombstone we moved on to Dawson City. Time for a bit of civilization after the wild and glorious beauty of the park. Lots of history here. We did a little self guided tour of the town’s old buildings. Amazing after over a hundred years some of the original buildings are still standing. Barely, but… Continue reading

  • Tombstone Mountain Park

    Tombstone Mountain Park

    In my heart forever, Tombstone is an amazing place. Boreal forest, and Tundra to perfection. It is somewhere that I can look back on years later in my life, and be wowed. Thanks Donna Wurm for saying it’s a must do if your heading to Dawson City “ you must go to Tombstone”. Foraging forest… Continue reading

  • Whitehorse


    Whitehorse was an interesting stop for 4 days, but it would not stop raining. Not the torrential downpours we’re used to, just mostly a constant drizzle. Despite the rain we managed to find our way to the many attractions in the city. Most interesting was the Beringia Interpretive Center. When you walk in the door… Continue reading

  • Fort Nelson to Watson Lake

    Fort Nelson to Watson Lake

    Fort Nelson Triple G Hideaway is the place to be apparently. We stayed two nights here, and saw two waves of RVs sweep through. We arrived to a busy campsite, with RVs pouring in. The next morning it emptied out almost completely, only to have the process repeated that afternoon. The museum next door was… Continue reading

  • Dawson Creek “Mile 0” of the Alaska Highway

    Dawson Creek “Mile 0” of the Alaska Highway

    The information centre in Dawson Creek was a great stop. Picking up maps, and flyers comes with friendly faces and lots of help. There is parking for your RV. An art gallery next door to the info centre which has pottery, and local artists creations. Continue reading

  • Chetwynd


    We had planned to stop at Azouzetta Lake at Pine Pass, but the campground still had piles of snow throughout and didn’t look open, so we carried on ro Chetwynd. Chetwynd is famous for it’s international chainsaw carving championships. There was amazing sculptures throughout the town, carved with fine detail. People come from all over… Continue reading

  • McLeese Lake

    McLeese Lake

    The warmth was so welcoming after Tunkwa. Shorts time has arrived . We blew up the kayak, and out came the fishing rods. Ready to catch some fish. Continue reading

  • Descent from Logan Lake to Ashcroft

    Descent from Logan Lake to Ashcroft

    This was quite spectacular as far as scenery. The drop in elevation made the drive very interesting. Ear popping fun! Continue reading