• Stray Cat

    Stray Cat

    It’s great to have friends with boats. This summer we received two invitations to do some winter sailing on their boats in Mexico. Our first stop in Mexico was Barra de Navidad to meet up with Barb and Derick on their 38 foot catamaran Stray Cat. The plan was to do a 2 week sail… Continue reading

  • Azura Kai January 27/2022

    Our journey on Azura Kai from Sidney BC Canada to LaPaz Mexico will be in our memories for the rest of Rob’s and my life. This is my last log for adventures on Azura Kai. This is an emotional post for me. Too in-depth as well. Maybe one day! Azura Kai has been sold to… Continue reading

  • La Ventana

    La Ventana

    We had a wonderful tour of La Ventana with our hosts Cori, and Lori from SV/Vortice yesterday. It was a wonderful day seeing a different land scapes during our drive from La Paz to La Ventana which was approximately an hours drive. Continue reading

  • Happy New Year to everyone far, and near!

    Happy New Year to everyone far, and near!

    We are still in LaPaz. It has been a great break from the constant moving. We started exploring here with Barb and Derrick from StrayCat. I think Julieta’s and Romeo’s ice cream shop was the most visited. Chocolate cherry ice cream was the winner as the favourite. Almost a daily occurrence. Rob found his ice… Continue reading

  • La Paz

    La Paz

    La Paz has me, and it won’t let go! This place is great. Very chill, with an active cruiser community. 8 am, 6 days a week there’s the cruiser’s net on chanel 22. It starts with medical emergencies and ends with a buy and sell. We had two stops on the way from Cabo. We… Continue reading

  • Cabo!


    Whoo Hoo we made it! We’ve turned the big corner, we’ve survived! That was a long way, and we’ve faced a lot of fears. That what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? Well at least it should, or maybe is just a macho guy thing. Bluewater cruising has been a life long dream for me,… Continue reading

  • Bahia Santa Maria

    Bahia Santa Maria

    We split the passage from Bahia Asuncion to Bahia Santa Maria in two so we would arrive in daylight. We had a beautiful day sail to Punta Abreojos where we anchored overnight before carrying on the next morning. Abreojos means “open your eyes”. An appropriate name for a place with so many unmarked hazards. No… Continue reading

  • Bahia Asuncion

    Bahia Asuncion

    Coming into Bahia Asuncion we were greeted by Lery, the unofficial local guide. Anything you need he says, just call him on chanel 16. Lery had spent 6 months in Vancouver as a drummer in a Mexican band, so his english is good. Bahia Asuncion is a nice little village, and typical of the small… Continue reading

  • Bahia Tortugas

    For all the interesting places we have visited and will visit, and all the beauty that surrounds us, this has so far been the most difficult thing we have ever done. We have been constantly challenged along the way, the ocean will always show you what you’ve yet to learn, and will scold you for… Continue reading

  • Ensenada


    Up before dawn again to motor from San Diego across the border to Ensenada with no wind. Apprehensive about the change to the unfamiliar, we set off down the channel to the open ocean again. Arriving at Cruise Port Village that afternoon, Ken from Naida was ready with fresh made margaritas. What a treat, and… Continue reading