• Friday June 27th Twice

    Friday June 27th Twice

    Km 1369- 62 km today (todays?) This was a very long day! We were all packed up with time to spare before heading to the Frankfurt airport, the hunt was on for our last chocolate filled pastry. The town was so small, there didn’t appear to be a bakery! The hunt was still on. Exploring… Continue reading

  • Back to Frankfurt

    Km 1307- 59km today We rode up the river Main to a hotel near the airport today. We had thought perhaps we would just ride to the airport from Mainz on Friday morning, since it was only about 25 km as the crow flies. We’re so glad we left today, it turned out to be… Continue reading

  • Near the end of the trail :(

    Near the end of the trail :(

    Km 1248- 35km today We are spending the night in a campsite across the Rhine from the city of Mainz. The walk is about 2 1/2 km to the main tourist area, or about 1/2 km swim directly across the river. It’s a nice view of the city as the sun goes down,  sitting here… Continue reading

  • The Last Of The Rhine Gorge

    Km 1213- 37km today. Last night I’m not sure if we were in a seniors resort, or a regular campsite. I’m sure they all thought of us as the kids on the bikes. We were camped across a previously treacherous section of the river from the Loreley Rock where the maiden used to lure sailors… Continue reading

  • Taking Our Time

    Taking Our Time

    Km 1176- 41km today It has been fun just poking our noses in the  little towns. Having a pastry or a petite beer in the afternoon. It does feel weird to pace our selves so we don’t ride to fare each day. We don’t want to end up to close to Frankfurt before Friday. It… Continue reading

  • Fun Riding With The Wind

    Fun Riding With The Wind

    Km 1135- 61 km today. There’s are a lot of weekend tourists in this part of Germany. It is our first experience of this area on a weekend. We have had to change our riding pattern a little. Lots of novice riders that are very young. I love how many families are enjoying there time… Continue reading

  • Change of plans :)

    Change of plans :)

    Km 1074- 14 km today Now for something completely different. After input from various sources we decided to make a change. Today we took the trains, all 4 of them, from Speyer to Bonn. Well, not exactly. We bought tickets to Cologne, but after talking to a woman on the train we opted to get… Continue reading

  • Speyer


    Km 1060- 73km today We had a delayed start to the day today. Everything was packed except the tent, and it started to rain. Like everyone else we retreated to our tent to wait it out. Breakfast was apples and trail mix… we made up for this Spartan meal later 🙂 After about a half… Continue reading

  • Caring people :)

    Caring people :)

    Km 987 – 71km today Our departure from Kehl was at 9:30 AM.  We had to head back to Strasbourg to get a  rear tire for my bike. There was a 3″ delamination which felt like a cherry pip to start with and ended up being a huge bulge. We went to three different bike… Continue reading

  • Down Hill!

    Km 916- 85 km today This morning we said goodbye to our nephew Chris as he headed out to catch the ferry back to England. It’s been good fun having him along for the few days, but next time we’re going to weigh him down a bit more. I think he should be able to… Continue reading