Bahia Asuncion

Coming into Bahia Asuncion we were greeted by Lery, the unofficial local guide. Anything you need he says, just call him on chanel 16. Lery had spent 6 months in Vancouver as a drummer in a Mexican band, so his english is good.

Bahia Asuncion is a nice little village, and typical of the small Mexican towns, the people are friendly, but there is no english. Our first outing was on a Monday, which must have been a holiday, and everything was deserted.

Downtown Asuncion

The next day we braved the small shore break to wander around the much busier village, and pick up a few groceries. You can’t get lost hear, there’s only on paved street, and that is apparently fairly recent.

The beach at La Bufudora

In the afternoon we heard Naida and Vortice on the VHF radio. They were on there way back from watching the sea lions at Isla Asuncion, headed to La Bufadora Hotel for beer and lobster burritos. We quickly saddled up the dinghy and headed over to meet them on La Bufadora’s little beach. We were the first group to land on that beach with dinghies, and it’s exposed to the open ocean. Timing is everything.

La Bufadora Hotel

La Bufadora is owned and run by Sheri, an ex-pat Canadian from Vancouver Island. She also runs a whale watching and glamping operation while the whales are here to calf, and is a great host, with a wealth of knowledge about the whales she loves. Sheri’s daughter whipped up some delicious lobster burritos.

The launch off the beach was exciting, but we had lots of help, and we all managed to get out unscathed and mostly dry.

Bahia Asuncion has been a great stopover, and we highly recommend it to cruisers coming down the coast. Next stop, Bahia Santa Maria.

3 responses to “Bahia Asuncion”

  1. Great to hear the update!


  2. Town looks deserted. Do you know what the population is?


    1. Sorry no. It’s just a village.


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