We had planned to stop at Azouzetta Lake at Pine Pass, but the campground still had piles of snow throughout and didn’t look open, so we carried on ro Chetwynd.

Chetwynd is famous for it’s international chainsaw carving championships. There was amazing sculptures throughout the town, carved with fine detail. People come from all over the world to complete, and the sculptures are on display for everyone to enjoy.

The Pinewood RV was just a gravel parking lot with hookups, but it was quiet. Finding camping off the highway has been a bit of a challenge. We make plans using maps and guides, only to find that the location is next to the busy road when we arrive.

One response to “Chetwynd”

  1. Rick & Marlene Avatar
    Rick & Marlene

    We received 5 emails today showing all your recent adventures. Beautiful pictures! Keep them coming!


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