Chaumont sur Loire

Km 236- 40 km today
We stared the day a bit late today at 8:30. Spent a few hours exploring Chenonceaux chateau. The royalty here really did suck this country dry, no wonder they booted them out! Nevertheless it was interesting, but the tourist thing just isn’t for us. We’re enjoying riding through the small towns and villages and interacting with the people a lot more.

We didn’t get on the road until about 3:00, with plans to only go as far as the 14km to Blois. When we saw the bridge we had cross to get to the campsite we decided to push on and camp farther down the trail.  BIG MISTAKE!!! The heat was so oppressive, with the humidity off the scale, and it was the most hilly section of the trail so far. By the time we found a place to get food camping we were both exhausted. So here we are in Chaumont sur-Loire, way farther than we wanted to go today. The totally co-ed toilets are a bit strange, and the urinals are in plane view of the whole campsite.

Looking forward to a better day tomorrow!

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