French Flies

Km 286- 50km today
We were up with the rosters this morning. It was a nice early start to what has been a hot day. To hot to be cycling in the afternoon. We had a 35 minute delay in ride time because of missing and poor signage in Blois. Without the GPS we would not be able to do this. I feel for the people that we passed today that were lost like us, with no aid other than their map.
This morning we saw the castle Chateau de Chambord. We had our picnic lunch viewing only the outside of the largest chateau we have seen to date. It was beautiful. It is hard to imagine a 400 room chateau only used for hunting. It is no wonder the people of France were so poor. All of there money must have been taxed to finance these amazingly large chateau estates.
We did have a little extra protein this morning with all of the French flies we road through. The heat and rain yesterday creating a perfect environment for a fly hatch. Rob came up with this term a couple of days ago. We had split a gut when it came out of his mouth. You had to be there!
We arrived in Muides Sur Loire at 1:30 in the afternoon to set up camp. It is a nice and clean municipal campground with separate amenities. Yahoo!

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