Ventura CA

Ventura Y.C.

Ventura, 22 miles east of Santa Barbara is a fully developed man-made harbour. Marine supplies, repairs and haul out are a big industry here. We stopped, and talked with a boat called SV Valhalla which had the BaHaHa flag flying. They have been here for a week replacing the transmission on their boat. Their take was “it couldn’t have happened in a better place”. Parts, and expertise have helped making the replacement of the transmission a positive experience.

The entrance to Ventura CA.

Our jobs were to wash the boat, which hasn’t been done since Monterey. All the sand from Morro’s storm was visible all over the boat. The mast track was needing a good rinse as well. The main sail hasn’t been coming down as smooth as it normally does because of the gritty sand. The propane locker needed repair. Fixed the boat hook as well as put a mooring catcher on it. Lots done! Tonight we went for happy hour at the Ventura Y.C. So nice to hear the stories of others who have explored the world as well.

Beautiful tile work!

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