Whitehorse was an interesting stop for 4 days, but it would not stop raining. Not the torrential downpours we’re used to, just mostly a constant drizzle.

Despite the rain we managed to find our way to the many attractions in the city.

Beringian lion

Most interesting was the Beringia Interpretive Center. When you walk in the door you’re greeted by an intact mammoth skeleton. Beringia is the area of Siberia, Alaska and The Yukon, including the land bridge created by the last ice age. As you walk through the displays it explains the natural history, including the arrival of the first humans to North America.

Jefferson’s ground sloth

If you come this way, be sure to stop by the Midnight Sun Coffee Roasters and pick up a bag of beans. Excellent fresh roasted coffee, and a great place to sit for a cup.

One response to “Whitehorse”

  1. Great pictures. Its always nice going into museums, catching up on history. Would hate to run into that kitty cat. Love being part of your road trip. ; )


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