San Francisco postponed, diverted to Crescent City, CA

The sea state, and high winds caused us to divert to Crescent City, CA. Azura Kai had her cockpit cleaned many times the last two hours of the trip; along with our selves. Very cold temperatures throughout the night made it seem as we took a wrong turn towards Alaska. There are pelicans here! Isn’t it supposed to be warm 🙂

It was 11:00am this morning when the realization that the wind, and waves were building not decreasing as the forecast had predicted. Turning to port to get off the water was our safe option at this point.

With both of us exhausted. Crescent City was 40 kn miles and a welcome site.

Crescent City harbour of refuge. 3.5 miles south east of Point George. It is also the beginnings of the famous California Redwood Forest.

This basin was totally destroyed by the 2011 tsunami. The harbour was rebuilt by 2013.

2 responses to “San Francisco postponed, diverted to Crescent City, CA”

  1. So glad that your able to have a safe place to wait out the nasty weather.


  2. Glad you are in the harbour to wait out the rough weather.


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